Andrik Arutiunian


My name is Andrik!

I am an experienced DOP Filmmaker/ photographer/content creator and editor.

I specialize in creating content for social media advertisements, YouTube channels, promo videos, music clips, interviews, podcasts, etc. From screenwriting to editing (Including visual, sound
effects, color grading, animation, voice-over, etc)

DM for the rate
Solitude -M83
Video for Lily
Music belongs Brennan Savage- Bulletproof

Video for Diana
The song belongs to Two Feet-Love is a Bitch

Video for Jarisma
The song belongs to Daisy Gray-Wicked Game

Video for Amina
Commercial for the brand Francis Kurkjian

Find your piece of French Rose in the USA!

VIdeo for Anastasia and Vitaliy
Love is here

Commercial for Jeep

Go Anywhere. Do Anything

Video for Ramela Aruti
a couple of shots from the Archive, for beautiful

Video for Genius Code
Finding yourself is more than finding happiness.
it is an opportunity to be free, to reveal your potential, to feel life in every moment...

Love Story for Pavel and Kristina
Just a small part from the short wedding film

Video for Izzy
"Part of me"

Video for Zuletta

Video for Jack Stegeman
On the Dark side
The Devil is in the details
Somewhere in the desert
People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don't have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.
Steven Spielberg
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